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GWA Bathrooms & Kitchens

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GWA Bathrooms and Kitchens is Australia’s leading supplier, designer, manufacturer, importer and distributor of bathroom and kitchen products for residential and commercial premises. The company is the owner of an extensive range of well-known brands including Caroma, Dorf, Fowler, Stylus, Clark, Radiant, Irwell, Austral Lock, Gainsborough, Gliderol and API Locksmiths, and is the exclusive Australian distributor of Hansa.

Objectives - Leading the way with GWA

GWA Bathrooms and Kitchens is one of, if not the, most dominant name in bathroom and kitchen products in Australia. They wanted to retain their trusted and esteemed position in the market, in the light of newer brands entering the industry and aggressively promoting products. To compete in today’s fast-changing environment, GMA needed to make use of the latest technologies and platforms to build up their business.

They approached The Website Marketing Group to take their website apart and rebuild it to come up with a more powerful site that will promote their top-of-the-class bathroom and kitchen fixtures. They wanted a website that truly reflects the innovative designs and premium solutions that only GWA can deliver.


The Website Marketing Group developed a website that modernised the brand while highlighting their decades of world-class experience and market leadership.

This involved a design strategy that goes back to a no-frills, straightforward approach, allowing the bathroom and kitchen pieces to take centre stage. With the clean and minimalist canvas, all distractions are eliminated. Users will be able to focus on learning more about the suite of products along with each item’s description, features, slideshow and technical detail, which lead to more efficient purchase decisions.

Features customised specifically for the GWA customer, such as the product search, store locator and My Selection, make exploring the website more informative and more enjoyable at the same time. HTML and JavaScript are used to enhance the user experience, ensure fast page load faster and get rid of prior bugs and issues. A tailored, SEO-powered content management system (CMS) was installed to help GWA admins revise or update the content without time- and labour-intensive work.


From merely occupying online real estate, the GWA Bathrooms and Kitchens website was revamped to become a valuable solution, playing an active, highly dynamic role in the marketing of the business.

GWA enjoys a dramatic increase in revenue and attention, attracting both long-time clients and new visitors. The Website Marketing Group continues to provide digital marketing solutions for GWA. TWMG has also launched several websites for businesses owned by GWA and will continue to partner with them in online marketing initiatives.

Visit: http://www.gwabathroomsandkitchens.com.au

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